For several years the “Made in France” label has developed more and more, not only in France, but worldwide. Indeed, brands and big luxury companies invest in this label which guarantees expertise and excellence.
In light of current economic conditions in certain fields such as fashion, the automobile industry and watchmaking, companies are tending to move towards 100% French manufacturing in order to perpetuate French know-how, strengthen the local economy and contribute to the country’s global influence. Thanks to its international acclaim, French expertise is a guarantee of quality recognized worldwide.


Luthes is committed to export this label

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the quality of their products and their origin. The buzz around French manufacturing has not stopped growing these last years. An IFOP study shows that 62% of French people think that the country of origin of a product is a determining factor when buying and 90% of French people consider the concept of consumer goods being made in France as important for the future of the country. As a result, more and more French companies are returning their production back to France.

Throughout the world French products have become synonomous with luxury, quality and refinement, especially in Asian countries.

Luthes is committed to offering a high-quality watch designed and manufactured in France. Our ambition is to sustain watchmaking knowledge and spread our love for French craftsmanship.


The importance of Made in France for Luthes

More than a patriotic commitment, “Made in France” is very important for Luthes, we are proud to be French and this movement is part of the DNA of the brand.


What is a French watch in 2018?

Luthes is a project that was born both in Paris and in Belfort, in the heart of Franche-Comté, the home of French watchmaking. All of our watches are designed and assembled with passion by our watchmakers in France.

Luthes’ objectives are first of all to promote the employment of French talent who are often forced to leave Switzerland to work. This is the case of many watchmakers trained each year at the school ‘Greta du Haut-Doubs’ in Morteau, but also of certain trades such as dial-making, which were once the pride of France and which have now disappeared from the country. Luthes’ aim is to revive local employment to be able to produce 100% of its components within France.

Luthes is focused on French innovation, with the ultimate objective of developing a French alternative to the current dominance of Swiss mechanical movement based watches in the luxury sector.

Luthes has made a strong commitment our country and wishes to offer all of our customers a high-end watch assembled in France with the highest quality components.


PS : This first article on our blog is timely, the French football team has recently been crowned World Champions. It is therefore with great pride that we congratulate our team for their achievement.

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